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Monday, 23 March 2009

you know how I love Tilda - but add Daphne to the list of beyond fabulous women that should be worshipped for their unique style........................................................
don't you agree that she is beyond fabulous?

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sofa so good

this one's pretty good, eh?
Q. How much do I love these sofas? 
A. I love, love, LOVE these sofas

Saturday, 14 March 2009

black & whiteness

Alexander Wang-ness, it's so Wang it's right!

pin ball wizard

Sunday, 1 March 2009

things to make you smile

I'd walk a million miles to make you smile

A circus came to town

Nice, but didn't a bunch of other shops all do this look last year?


Does everyone love Tilda?

Another magazine collberates with Tilda, collaberates with a west end corner shop

New Diesel store in NYC

Dark interior, a bit Abercrombie like. Jeans & more jeans with some other stuff, cool neon signs on the stairs leading to mens & womens floors. 

Its a rabbit thing, labbits, labbits everywhere

Rabbits ears on it an Easter bunny thing going on at Bergdorf's?

Barney's during NYC fashion week

Barney's during NYC fashion week, looking good. As always great use of space & mannequins, just makes me jealous, as always, gawd !!!

Inside Bluebird's changing rooms

You might think this is cut vinyl, but no. It seems hand drawn. Really a very cool little thing going on in a changing room. 3 brass hooks, a stool & this illustration, what more do you need in a fitting room??

As seen in a corner shop near Marble Arch

Is it a yellow tardis? Is it a queue of Ed Hardy wearing mannequins trying to get tickets for the only film ever made about window dressing "mannequin" staring Kim Catrall (circa before you were born probably)

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!!!!

Let me count the ways I love shoes..............

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!!!!

Roller skating shoes as seen in a shop window in knightsbridge

Ballet Russes with Diagaliev meets the Swinging Sixties in a NYC showroom

Ballet Russes/Diaghilev meets London's swinging sixties - a weird combo that Temperley pull of with aplomb!

Shoes, shoes, shoes!!!!!

OMG! Aren't these shoes stunning? Crystal encrusted Christian Louboutin's at Jonathan Saunder's A/W'09 show. They are amazing, yes?