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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

xmas things

some xmas things, seen over xmas time in ulster visiting my folks
xmas toilet roll
xmas parents (aged p's)

xmas slippers!
 a lovely lovely pair of red felt
Camper slippers from my brother and sister in law

my fav Christmas pressies were
this book 
and red liquorice laces, very yummy

 the repetiton of tea cakes in bulk

a lace frozen car windscreen

my aged P's are very fond of this visiting pigeon
They've named him Pete, Pete the puffed up pigeon

Sunday, 19 December 2010

a pursed world

game, aim, blame, proclaim
a dreamscape by artist Kendal Murray

I ripped a picture out of a magazine years ago with a picture of one of Kendal Murray's purse  works
I kinda fell a little in love with the mind that created these works - 

Artwork by Kendal Murray: 'Race, Chase, Displace, Space'
It is a small world

tomorrows kitchen today

Flow by John Arndt

this kitchen follows the flow of nature, 
it is a mini-ecology system. 
The above bench dish rack eliminates storage and
enables the dripping dishes to water bench top potted herbs
Below bench there is worm composter processing organic waste to feed the above bench greenery, it is the flow of kitchen life, the ever spinning world that keeps turning and it could doing so in your kitchen 

it is as clever as it needs to be
and quite frankly we all need one now

an evening at the Tate Modern

Friday evening and we zipped through the Gauguin
 heading straight to the Tahitian pictures. I just wanted to eyeball them close up
to see if their colour was as good as I had thought it to be

and you know what..... it was better
strange, sensual, warm, exotic colour juxtapositions

princess dresses

the work xmas party!
Regina and Laura in their princess dresses
beyond irony, uber cool

Saturday, 18 December 2010

George Gilbert Scott’s Midland Grand hotel

St Pancras Midland Grand Hotel staircase.jpg

One of the many buildings that I wish I had seen the inside of - the deteriorated Gothic splendour of George Gilbert Scott’s Midland Grand hotel at St Pancras station
The newly renovated and expanded St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London is scheduled to open May 5, 2011, exactly 138 years after the original hotel began receiving guests. 


Friday, 17 December 2010

Winter warmers

I am feeling the cold tooo much these days
I really need warming up, so much so that want these 3 things now..... like this minute, no waiting,

1. a thick organic sheepskin rug in woolly shades of greyness 
2. a steaming mug of hot marmite 
3. a pair of women's caribou Sorrel boots

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

4 New Street Square

this made me want to grow my own living wall

I loved this building
I haven't a clue what is it used for
But you have to agree
It is rather FAB


The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei

As those Tate people say .....
There are over one hundred million seeds, five times the number of Beijing's population and nearly a quarter of China's internet users. The work seems to pose numerous questions. What does it mean to be an individual in today's society? Are we insignificant or powerless unless we act together? What do our increasing desires, materialism and number mean for society, the environment and the future? 

all LOVELY stuff

I wish all pop ups were this lovely. 
Go see it 
It is well well well worth it

Monday, 13 December 2010

christmas wreath

silver bells and birch twigs
a more trad christmas wreath
this year versus last

bulb beauty

a hyacinth bulb growing in water is a thing of beauty

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Personalise your cornishware

Our Lovely Packaging

I've always loved a bit of cornish ware. 
I grew up with it, it was the china my Mum & Dad had as a wedding present although by the time I came along and reached conciousness, there was not a lot left. 

Now I've learnt (probably a bit late) that you can personalise some bits, so I did! 
Now have some great gifts on order. ........ 


Clever cardness, xmas cards that grow!
Send these for xmas
and feel you've done a good thing