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Monday, 29 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mary Portas opens in House of Fraser

This week, Mary opens her shop in the Oxford Street, london HoF!

Here is the window teaser.
Kinda doesn't tell you much. Unless you already know, having read Grazia this week.

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

that Sunday paella

The very talented husband is cooking that Sunday paella that was promised with the purchases of yesterday.

It is looking uber tastysome!

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the perfect marriage...

Mui Mui and Hailee Steinfeld are so good together

I hope they stick together 

for longer than other fashion marriages

satchels of desire

A recent discovery, 
the fantastic British brand Pokit do a great
contemporary satchel

it also comes in black and with all those internal pockets,
it has to be my next satchel
Pokit have a good web site

Sandringham Game Bag
From those fantastic people at Brady
I had one of these as a school bag
when I was teenager,
it was my mum, not me
 who was well ahead of her time,
that chose it

Large Ariel Trout
now... several decades later
and I have my third Brady bag
and I love it as I loved my school bag
the Brady large trout bag

Brady also have an excellent web site

things to consider........

Spin  AW11
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are these right?

Exactly how cool was Sophie Hulme's sequin parker
and should I have bought it, when I had the chance?
how much do I love, love, love
this Sophie Hulme printed shirt for Asos?

the Marni tote,
exactly how cool is this?

how desirable is this spotty Zara shirt, esp at only

how many of us wish, wish WISH we had these shoes?

how great was/is this Zara bag?

is this Zara coat still hip?

Pink Dot Jar
would my life be MORE complete if  I had this?

a saturday out

a lovely Saturday out was had
and here are all the ingredients.....

1. a bus to Ladbroke grove (the 452)

2. a lunch at Tom Dixon's Dock Kitchen

3. a bloody mary

4. a walk to R. Gracia and sons, the amazing Spanish deli

5.  a purchase of our favourite (cannot make paella without it)... 

El Aeroplano

 Product Image
6. another 452 bus ride, all the way home 

7. now, Sunday night means Paella night!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

A thing of great beauty

I saw these gorgeous things a while ago now and I'm continually drawn back to their beauty.

Made by the uber talented Leslie Oschmann

Check them out at her website.....

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Friday, 5 August 2011

The email charter - join it now

10 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral from the fabulous and inspiring people at the email charter

1. Respect Recipients' Time
This is the fundamental rule. As the message sender, the onus is on YOU to minimize the time your email will take to process. Even if it means taking more time at your end before sending.

2. Short or Slow is not Rude
Let's mutually agree to cut each other some slack. Given the email load we're all facing, it's OK if replies take a while coming and if they don't give detailed responses to all your questions. No one wants to come over as brusque, so please don't take it personally. We just want our lives back!

3. Celebrate Clarity
Start with a subject line that clearly labels the topic, and maybe includes a status category [Info], [Action], [Time Sens] [Low Priority]. Use crisp, muddle-free sentences. If the email has to be longer than five sentences, make sure the first provides the basic reason for writing. Avoid strange fonts and colors.

4. Quash Open-Ended Questions
It is asking a lot to send someone an email with four long paragraphs of turgid text followed by "Thoughts?". Even well-intended-but-open questions like "How can I help?" may not be that helpful. Email generosity requires simplifying, easy-to-answer questions. "Can I help best by a) calling b) visiting or c) staying right out of it?!"

5. Slash Surplus cc's
cc's are like mating bunnies. For every recipient you add, you are dramatically multiplying total response time. Not to be done lightly! When there are multiple recipients, please don't default to 'Reply All'. Maybe you only need to cc a couple of people on the original thread. Or none.
6. Tighten the Thread
Some emails depend for their meaning on context. Which means it's usually right to include the thread being responded to. But it's rare that a thread should extend to more than 3 emails. Before sending, cut what's not relevant. Or consider making a phone call instead.

7. Attack Attachments
Don't use graphics files as logos or signatures that appear as attachments. Time is wasted trying to see if there's something to open. Even worse is sending text as an attachment when it could have been included in the body of the email.

8. Give these Gifts: EOM NNTR
If your email message can be expressed in half a dozen words, just put it in the subject line, followed by EOM (= End of Message). This saves the recipient having to actually open the message. Ending a note with "No need to respond" or NNTR, is a wonderful act of generosity. Many acronyms confuse as much as help, but these two are golden and deserve wide adoption.

9. Cut Contentless Responses
You don't need to reply to every email, especially not those that are themselves clear responses. An email saying "Thanks for your note. I'm in." does not need you to reply "Great." That just cost someone another 30 seconds.

10. Disconnect!
If we all agreed to spend less time doing email, we'd all get less email! Consider calendaring half-days at work where you can't go online. Or a commitment to email-free weekends. Or an 'auto-response' that references this charter. And don't forget to smell the roses.

Join up NOW

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Monday, 1 August 2011

How I feel today

The silicon chip inside her head

Gets switched to overload

And nobody’s gonna go to school today

She’s gonna make them stay at home

And daddy doesn’t understand it

He always said she was good as gold

And he can see no reasons

'Cos there are no reasons

What reason do you need to be show-ow-ow-ow-own?

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

I wanna shoo-oo-woo-woo-woo-oot the whole day down

The Telex machine is kept so clean

And it types to a waiting world

And mother feels so shocked

Father’s world is rocked

And their thoughts turn to their own little girl

Sweet 16 ain’t that peachy keen

Now that ain’t so neat to admit defeat

They can see no reasons

'Cuz there are no reasons

What reasons do you need?

Oh Oh oh whoa whoa

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

I wanna shoo-oo-oo-woo-woo-oot

The whole day down, down, down, shoot it all down

And all the playing's stopped in the playground now

She wants to play with the toys a while

And school's out early and soon we'll be learning

And the lesson today is how to die

And then the bullhorn crackles

And the captain tackles

(With the problems of the how's and why's)

And he can see no reasons

'Cos there are no reasons

What reason do you need to die, die?

Oh Oh Oh

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don’t like

I don’t like (Tell me why)

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don’t like

I don’t like (Tell me why)

I don’t like Mondays

Tell me why

I don't like Mondays

I wanna shoo-oo-oo-woo-woo-woot the whole day down

The Boomtown rats - 1979
(I had the single, but it got knicked at a party)

cork love

store by established and sons

wedges by MMK

stools by Vitra

chair by Jasper Morrison for Vitra

cork tiles by Wickes

I never thought I'd want cork anywhere in my home, but now I have a secret longing for it....
I grew up in a 1970's house, with parents that were both architects - the interior was almost all cork and cord, I thought it had put me off cork for life, but now I am considering cork flooring.
The old adage is right - we all turn into our parents eventually.
(they also are responsible for my passion for Marimekko prints)