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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Holiday colours

A list of colours that add up to an all round excellent holiday......

A clear blue blue blue sky

An Acne tomato red jumper for chilly evenings when the suns gone down

A pink and a green lilo in a blue blue pool

A pair of Camper white shoes with yellow laces that match the yellow lines on the road

A new orange bikini from Whistles, bought just the day before we left

A pair of turquoise blue swimming shorts and a gorgeous husband to wear them

A black and white Katherine Hamnett, Selfridges Project Ocean T shirt

An tomato red lifebelt beside a blue pool

A set of blue painted toenails
A lovely and clever blue Jambox

A sun faded and sweat stained cap

Assorted suntan lotions in assorted shades of yellowey mustard containers

An assortment of black text that makes the contents of an amazing read, AHWOSG lived up to it's title.

A green bottle of red wine

A blue blue swimming pool

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Beachside coolness

Just loved this simple use of really glossy white paint in a cafe on Es Trenc beach. I wonder if it will be as effective back in a garden in south London?

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Location:Es Trenc beach, Mallorca,

Very easy Vogue pattern circa 1976

Ok, so I made up the date, it might not exactly from 1976, but I do remember my mum making my dad a dressing gown from this pattern, way back when, in the mists of time, when dressing gowns where little short things, about the length of Sparticus's tunic.

When Kev and I needed new dressing gowns, I looked no further than my mum's stash of old paper patterns and now we are both sporting very smart new kimono style dressing gowns, his in black and white checked gingham (very masculine) and mine in a pink silk I bought more than a decade ago.

I hasten to add that they are both the long/midi version length, not the little shortie one and that the sleeves keep getting caught on door handles, but that just makes me want to change our door handles, not our gorgeous new kimono style dressing gowns.

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Uniqlo ticks my boxes

Let me count the ways I love this....
1. Great old style monitors
2. Fab use of neon
3. It's a collab with Antoni Alison and Uniqlo
4. I'm loving the use of the NOW word
5. Did I mention it was Uniqlo?

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thursday, 19 May 2011

I love a nice crate, don't you?

And this one is extra specially clever with a built in table football. Don't you love it?

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Rubber duck heels from Melissa

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The prototype

The production

Location:As seen at Milan furniture fair

Tape heaven

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Friday, 13 May 2011

Project ocean

blog post photo
The launch of Project Ocean at Selfridges on May 11, 2011 in London, England.
..... a bucking whale

.....some uber cool door stickers

Curiouser and curiouser

Judith Clark strikes again
with a perfectly formed installation
in the Selfridges shoe galleries
showing some very strange items of footwear
all presented on a series of toile like shapes
representing the original wearer

Judith Clark's ways of thinking
and doing is a thing of
the most normal of the items
is this women's button up boot
 from the 19th Century
a tiny chelsea boot for a bound foot
from the 19th Century

one item is a chelsea boot
for a sheep
also from the 19th century

and lastly
a magnificent pair
of clown shoes