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Saturday, 27 November 2010

I really really want these....

APC boots from ...
NET-A-PORTER | Luxury online retailer of designer clothes, designer bags, designer shoes and designer accessories

and these....
ain't they something, something gorgeous methinks
so.... I'd like these and all

I heart knuckle dusters

verameat - DUSTER IN BOLD

The original fab four

They were cool
way back then
and they are
still f$%^$**

2 out of the 4 remain with us
and long may that remain a fact

SKATE at Somerset House

We went for brunch at Tom's Kitchen this morning, my brother, sister in law,  Kev & I

Sponsored by Tiffany,  complete with a Tiffany gift box shaped shop

Beautiful Tiffany windows in a Tiffany gift box

Tom's skate lounge was full of blinged up skater chicks in fur ear muffs eating Tiffany cupcakes

The SKATE lettering on the facade is UBER cool!

I love Somerset House anyway, but I love it that little bit more at Christmas

This side is a printed hoarding! An printed optical illusion

All in all it is kinda the purrrfect threesome - Tiffany, Ice skating and Somerset House!


Here are things I learnt at the KG shoe press day for S/S'11........turquoise is big for  spring summer,  block colour is huge,  espadrilles are going to come in all guises, tan is still "in" and REBECCA FARRAR-HOCKLEY might just be a genius

My favourite bit was David Attenborough's voice playing on the soundtrack,
talking about bird's of paradise. 

I loved this tan & turquoise shoe! I couldn't wear it, but I still love it

and then.....they gave you new shoes!!!!!!


Its a red gift box Christmas at GAP this year


There must be some very very clever people at H&M

cool mannequins, clever styling, clever wittyness.
sadly I didn't buy anything,
as the product wasn't  really my cup of tea,
but I can still appreciate the cleverness of it all

The excitement of it!
Everywhere I went,  everywhere I looked, there was something about this launch.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

food glorious food at ZARA

jammy dodgers

hmmm, this necklace will come in handy when I get peckish later

don't you just love it? Biscuits and snacks as accessories

like minded things

love love love