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Sunday, 17 May 2009

yellow planes, yellow picket fences, yellow masks, yellow swag, yellow umbrellas, yellow rain, yellow hearts, yellow teapots, yellow checkered tablecloths, yellow cakes, yellow pies, yellow lips, yellow crocodile, yellow lips, yellow cone hats, yellow signs, yellow gnomes, yellow gramophones, yellow wellies, yellow tape, yellow bunting, yellow bows, yellow hoses, yellow hard hats, yellow sunflowers, yellow toadstools....

things that are yellow; fried eggs, bananas, rubber ducks, lids of marmite jars, smokin' l'abbits.....

make your own version of this - here is mine, made a few years ago now.

Barney's Margiela installation

Heal's knows how to do a good garden shop - my pics don't do it justice. 

How good is this blue in Liberty? Its such a great pop colour