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Saturday, 29 January 2011

gloves galore


Stuart Haygarth's work for a
Selfridges window
back in 2008

pistol shaped love

 pistol shaped things that go bang ............
love, love, love = Acne's pistol boots


                                               Pistol Packin Mama


corsage & floral love

is everything just a little lovelier with a corsage?

Friday, 28 January 2011

white shirts rule

 white shirts are one of my current fixations................



Alexander Wang Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
white shirt - check
satin skirt - check
tilda at the globes this month

white shirt - check
satin skirt - check
sharon stone - the oscars 1994

6 Vintage Stiff Detachable Day Collars 15 1/2