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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hobbyboy performs at Alex's 40th birthday

This is my new best friend, the cleverest 6
year old I have ever met, Lauren Pell, blimey but she is smart.

the iphone app Hipstamactic is fab,
unless of course you want to really see the subject
matter of your picture clearly
the barn setting was perfect, 
Alex and Emma put on an amazing party


I found myself in Avon this weekend, in the middle of the countryside in a tent.
Next door were these two........Pinky and Perky

My friends said that pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old.
Having just spent half an hour chatting to Tabitha, a chatty and inquisitive 3 year old the above thought was strangely disquieting, made doubly so when everyone (apart from me)
 had just tucked into some hearty bacon sarnies from the manor house.
Would they eat a Tabitha sarnie?

Shoe shoe shoebang

Poor Selfridges, on it's big day, it went and rained.....
Gemma Arterton stood on the canopy
whilst her Shoeper hero offered her the shoes of her dreams.
Really, what more could a girl want, except maybe
Daniel Craig on his knees placing the shoes of your
dreams on your feet... now that would be rather nice

due to the rain and my poor planning, my pics are rubbish
here is my lovely big shoe, it was moved for the pic and it never got
 moved it back, until I happened along at lunch time....

Let them eat cake

These days, as I write another shoe related post, I'm even asking myself - is the subject of shoes ever going to bore me, or for that matter you, dear reader?
But then along comes another shoe related picture worthy subject to post about. and those thoughts go out the window.
Here are some especially sweet shoe related delicacies,
shaped rather like old peoples slippers, but containing cream and a raspberry rather than a crinkly foot

Aren't they the cutest? Sadly I didn't eat one,
so I cannot tell you if they are as tasty as they look


a glossy shiney great big sandal
a lovely great big bright shoe 

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Furry purry coats

AW10 Look Book Look 7
A serious contender from Whistles, it looks gorgeous,
but wish I could see how long it was , 
another Acne option, it is furry but not really a kinda better (for me)
another Acne option, a patchwork fur - I'm not sold on this one

AW10 Look Book Look 10

Another Whistles option, this one might be the one. 
I heard only 60 have been made, what's a girl to do?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dries does Snow White and all the dwarves

Dries Van Noten likes the fairy tale, snow white and the seven dwarves

exquisitely made teeny weeny shoes
those guys specially made 7 pairs of beautiful teeny tiny Oxford shoes, one for every very lucky dwarf. All I've got to say is, lucky lucky dwarves

Lets them eat shoes/cake

As seen in a window near me, let them eat shoes by Lernert and Sander
and matching cake
Melissa shoes with a cherry on top
Lanvin cake, no I mean shoes.....
Lanvin shoes, no I mean cake

Alter to the chew

A shoe is a dog's best friend

This is Bruce Weber's window design, "Alter to the chew".
Well known as a dog lover, here he combines that love with our love of shoes..... 

using assemblage style dog lamps made by James Plumb 
and some specifically chewed shoes

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Shoe Galleries opening party

The man himself
Paolo Nutini sang "new shoes" (what else)
a good time was had by all

James Plumb

James Plumb is Hannah Plumb and James Russell, two artists under one name who work with the worn, unwanted and overlooked taking timeworn pieces and cast offs to produce one off assemblages and interiors. 
Today I visited The One Room Hotel in Shoreditch, an installation that is part of London Design week. 
I didn't expect to want to move in, but one look at the bed, dressed in beautifully rumbled and crumpled Matteo linen add the Aesop beauty products in the bathroom and I was sold. I could have just climbed into the bed and curled up for a lovely snooze. 
Sadly it was not good picture taking - too small and too crowded. 
Still here is the outside - which was equally pretty.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

cat action

Gilbert cat has take to watching TV,  he seems to like a good action movie and anything with a squirrel in it

Michael Clark is a god (I know, I've said it before, but I'll happily keep saying it)

Things I wish I had seen....Michael Clark's Tate Modern project part 1
Resident in the Turbine Hall for 7 weeks this summer; making the development and rehearsal of his work publicly visible for the first time.

saturday baking

The pre baked piccy of some so called "filled sandwiches"
mozzarella and tomato bread as baked by my very clever husband

and here we have the 
just baked pic

and here is the ready to eat pic....a truly yummy lunch

Topshop do it again

Topshop lead the way with their 
foot stomper of a window this week, 
supporting their envy making NEWGEN LFW event
I went ever so slightly out of my way one eye bleedingly early morning this week to check this window out, as the lovely Tim at Toppers has generously offered to let me have this huge shoe/foot/leg, after LFW is over.
So right now I'm eagerly thinking about just were I could squeeze it into Selfridges

Nicola Yeoman and Tracey Neuls

icon design trail say ... Shoe designer Tracey Neuls and set designer Nicola Yeoman have rekindled a sense of creative play in the shoe shop, decorating it with a large scale installation.
I say....peering in through the window last night, it looked like a strange and distant land that I wanted to visit