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Saturday, 31 July 2010


unique clothes with provenance for grown ups and kids alike from those clever folk at Selvedge 

Pero designer Aneeth Arora is a ‘textile and dress maker’ who firmly believes that local people and their dressing style are the real trend setters of the time. Her clothes do not strictly follow seasonal fashion but prefer to sit alongside it. Pero believe in creating textiles whose vocabulary, such as 'kanni' meaning 'selvedge', can be translated into the garments to create unique pieces of clothing. Predominantly red and white, this collection incorporates traditional techniques and materials, such as ikats and natural dyed khadi... The history of these textiles is almost as enchanting as the fabric itself."

find them at - 

shoes, shoes, shoes!!!!! (part 27)

Tracey Neuls makes gorgeous shoes
check them out.

I think even non shoe lovers would appreciate the genius glory of her hand made shoes, in their glorious colours and beautiful shapes 

sigh with shoe lust, I love, love love them......

Friday, 30 July 2010

Thom Browne's cycling days for Moncler Gamme Bleu

Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring 2011 Menswear
OMG! Don't you gotta love this.
Check it out on Jak and Jil for its full glory. It is hilariously good.

a good day out

A day out in Dungeness
There is so much to see!
I went specifically to see Derek Jarmen's garden and it lived up to my expectations, in its strange and startling beauty. 

The whole 'ness environment is so stunning, the sea, the shingle wasteland, the corroding fisherman's junk, the huge skies and long views. 
With it's assortment of strange cabins, it is slightly wilderness like, slightly shanty town like. 
It has so many great attractions, from the old lighthouse with it's amazing lenses to a modern black rubber clad cabin to the minature train line and let's not forget the looming power station at the end of the track. 

I imagined living there in a small cabin with big  views and it was a happy imagined life.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My tattoo

I've wanted this tattoo for about 20 years. I've been carrying this picture around all that time, thinking about getting a tattoo just like it. 
After a couple of years of carrying it about, I found out these were Stephanie Seymour's legs and therefore this is Stephanie Seymour's tattoo. 
I've since seen it in lots of other pictures of her, each time I see it, I think I missed my timing and I wonder if it is too late now....

But then again check her out now, it still works for her, 20 years later. 

Taboo subject anyone?

Go on, do that thing, talk to someone about death, help make it less of a taboo subject. 
Death done the right way can become us all.......


I've had this little swatch of fabric for years now. It has always been like a little talisman, beckoning at me, winking at me, trying to tell me something that I just cannot quite hear yet.
I love the colours and tones within them.
I think it is trying to lead the way somewhere, but where?

the coolest Chanel bag in the world

Did you ever?
No I never. 
Well I never wanted a Chanel bag until now, until this one........