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Friday, 4 April 2014

Sensing spaces

This exhibition was on my list of things to do, on my brief visit from NYC to London. It has had such great press, I knew it would be better than good and it was.

I'm not sure which installation is my favourite, as each is so uniquely different.
I loved the bold interactive ones, plus the more thoughtfully poignant.

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Where the sky meets the sea

Here we are again, returning to my much ignored little blog after almost a year of absence.
Back at home in Ireland for a shirt visit to see my folks.
In between chores and visits and rain, I managed to fit a run in. The view was beautifully bleak from the lough shore path, shades of palest grey merged from sea to sky, I felt I was running along the edge of the world.

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Location:Kinnegar, N Ireland