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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

petit pois cupcakes

I had one of these today and it was GLORIOUS!
They are a guilt free range of cupcakes
by celebrity chefs Harry Eastwood and Ashley Maddox
called Petit Pois

A snip at under 180 calories and gluten
and lactose free and full of veg,
yes that's right, you heard me, VEG!

Having eaten one,
if I didn't know they where full of vegetables,
I would never have guessed that there’s
more grated vegetable in
Petit Pois cakes than any
other single ingredient.
Apparently it’s the presence
of the "secret" vegetables
that also give Petit Pois cakes an
extended shelf life,
the vegetables continue to moisturise
and sweeten
the cakes days after being made.

Go on try one.....

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