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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Very easy Vogue pattern circa 1976

Ok, so I made up the date, it might not exactly from 1976, but I do remember my mum making my dad a dressing gown from this pattern, way back when, in the mists of time, when dressing gowns where little short things, about the length of Sparticus's tunic.

When Kev and I needed new dressing gowns, I looked no further than my mum's stash of old paper patterns and now we are both sporting very smart new kimono style dressing gowns, his in black and white checked gingham (very masculine) and mine in a pink silk I bought more than a decade ago.

I hasten to add that they are both the long/midi version length, not the little shortie one and that the sleeves keep getting caught on door handles, but that just makes me want to change our door handles, not our gorgeous new kimono style dressing gowns.

Location:Back home in Clapham,

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