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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Buy more magazines

Magazines can sometimes let you down, sometimes lift you up, these ones did just that. That whole debate over paper vs ipad/the digital age can just keep raging along, it will never reach a conclusion that all can agree on. Both have their place and moving between both is the way to have your cake and read it to. 
Interesting examples of ones that gave me good reads and good lookings this month are Industrie, b magazine, 10, there are ofcourse many many more
Chloe Sevigny has a lot to answer for...
Katie is just GRAND, GRAND, GRAND, here she is giving good copy
look at these piles, they are just a tiny teeny tip of the iceberg
another indicator of that metallic trend coming at us, in a season near you soon
I always fancied just wearing a veil with anything, does it instantly make you a bride, a fool or just like a virgin?

John Rocha, it is about time someone sung his praises loud. So it is very good to see that 10 rate him in their top 10. 
I've always thought it rather odd, that as a modern day master in our midst that he goes without much recognition. He has a conceptual talent without measure and an eye that leads him where it will.
Natalie Dembinska writes like she is my best friend I never met. 
Here she is telling me I like Lanvin necklaces and Topshop make up and you know what? She is spot on right. 

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