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Saturday, 5 June 2010

go see this, don't pass go, just go see it

The Concise Dictionary of Dress by Judith Clark and Adam Phillips is a brilliantly composed installation.
Consisting of 11 cleverly chosen pieces set amongst the collections stored within Blythe House, each with a definition that somehow defines yet defies the item or items.

Blythe House is the former headquarters of the post office savings bank, it is a fascinating place, that is interested me as much as the installations set within it.

A mind tingling tour takes you from the rooftops to the coal cellars. I cannot recommend it enough, it challenged me to consider the allness or nothingness of things; the here, the now, the then, the was, the maybe, the history and baggage that items possess, the meanings they might have and do those meanings change when put in a different setting. 

Go see it, your mind will be provoked.

no picture taking is allowed, so buy the book, you won't regret it

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