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Sunday, 3 October 2010


I first went to Portmeirion when I was about 10 and I loved it
I particularly love the 
colours, they are 
like a glorious 
bonkers english sorbet
...even without the distortion 
of my Toycamera app 
...the colour of this wall against the
turquoise twiddly bits is really tasty
it is the mad whimsy of a true British eccentric

there are layers of glorious twiddly bits 
and then extra layers of 
gorgeous twiddly bits
have been added

this lovely shade of turquoise runs throughout Portmeirion
- I think I might be painting my bedroom this exact shade
and in a bonkers eccentric place - there are some really extreme bonkers touches

.... I loved this shade of blue also
this lighthouse's dome is an unturned pig boiler
the word electric doesn't really cover it for Portmeirion 

take your hat off to a a true british eccentric, Clough Williams -Ellis


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