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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Design Academy Eindhoven's "THIS WAY" at Salone Milan 2011

beauty, fragility,
poignancy, poetry, heartbreak...
all these things and more are present in Jetske Visser's
"an image of dementia",
where things are not as you expect

I fell in love with these mishapen objects,
designed as if somehow the function
was mislaid along the way

a tea set that displays characteristics
from six different cultures,
Sarah de Ruijter hopes to use tea drinking as a
way to bond across cultures
Taking references
from Turkish, Moroccan, Chinese, 
Poland, Surinamese and Indonesian she
hopes to form a new tea drinking culture
and given the beauty of the set
she might just succeed

Brigitte Coremans Menstruation clock
is a thing of beauty and practicality
I'm afraid I cannot even show a picture of

her biodegradable coffins for stillborns, 
beautiful and tactile as they were,
they broke my heart
and left it in pieces on the floor

Roland Pieter Smit's beautiful blankets woven by people with
mental or physical impairment broke and mended by heart in the same nano second.

Showing the madness of our era
these pages from Wikipedia
made me laugh out loud

Yuya Ushida's "XXXX"
shows the beauty of simplicity and repetition.

All in all, I left 
re-energised, rebooted
and thinking
they were all very much more than just clever

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