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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A few highlights from Milan design week -

Did you have a spirograph set when you were little?
as if you did and you loved it -
then you will love this just as much, if not more.
"Drawing machine" by Eske Rex, at Mindcraft11,
is a thing of magic and beauty.
 It lulls you into a trance as you watch the pen,
 lead by pendulums and weights
slowly dance in loops across the paper
I always seemed to slip and ruin my
spirogragh drawings just at the last minute,
this produces drawings of a scale
and majesty that mesmorise the mind

Spazio Rosanna Orlandi never fails to disappoint
the woman is my hero

-Imagine a wardrobe of precisely filed clothes
just like this...

Studio Formafantasma offers a new perspective on plasticity
reinterpreting centeries old technology to offer us a  future use
plastic replacement 

James Plumb's installation delighted as usual,
I am personally fixated on these
suitcase sets

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