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Thursday, 19 August 2010

new shoes glory

The new shoe galleries at Selfridges have opened and as the Telegraph said, cut up your credit cards and if you remotely have a shoe thing, do not come near them!
There will be 6 rooms of shoes, glorious gravity defying, wallet stretching, credit card banning, shoes.

I have a feeling that this is just the start of many posts about these spaces....I'm sure there will be heaps more posts to follow this one. Afterall this post only covers one of the 6 gallery spaces.
these spaces make all the shoes within them, drool worthy objects of lust
which do you worship more, the painted white Anne Demeulemeester high top trainers or the vein defying alabaster stone plinth they sit on?
wait until this opens.....the holy grail (for those that way inclined, I'm more a Margielaist myself) 
Tactile in all details, this room has the palest peachy skin soft suede cladding the walls and till
look at that glowing translucent alabaster, which do you yearn to touch and caress more, the shoes they hold or the glorious cold pale stone

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